There are few things as majestic as a wedding day—not simply because of the enormous amount of time put into the day coming together. It’s the first day of one of the biggest commitments of a lifetime. That is why we are so passionate about capturing it in all of it’s glory! From the moment the dress goes on to the moment one of your friends dances a little too hard on the dance floor, we want you to be able to remember every detail that you will or will not see.

Our names are Ben and Hannah, and we're a sibling duo that enjoy our jobs almost too much.

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Whatever part of the process you are in right now, we want to serve you as best as we can. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the process! We’re here to be your hype team throughout it all, and support you every step of the way.. We strive to give you quality photos & videos that tell your story. A unique legacy that will be passed down from generation to generation. So let’s tell your story together, you and us… shall we?!


No... seriously. Most siblings get the "you look a lot alike", and we do from time to time. But a lot of the time (mainly at weddings) we get "so how did ya'll meet?" or "How long have you two been together?"... uhhhh. The entirety of Hannah's life...?

We also accidentally match a lot of the time (exhibit a: this photo). 

Anyyyyyway. we are both so passionate about people, and love to serve you with photos/videos that will help you to relive your day. So if you're looking a photographer or videographer who will hype you up, help you to navigate the wedding world, get your guests out on the dance floor, make sure you have everything you need, and give you something that is more than just a product... but an experience... you've come to the right spot! So take your shoes off, let your hair down, and enjoy the ride!!

We are typically mistaken as a married couple

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Jess & Nate

"Having the Shbeebs be a part of our wedding was the best decision we made! We were unsure if we should do video, but are so happy that we did. I would hands down refer them to anyone I know. Not only is his work amazing but he is a pleasure to work with! I hope that we can work with him again in the future."

Kat & Alex

"We hired Shbeeb Weddings to photograph our wedding and I could not have chosen a better photographer! They were so helpful and informative leading up to the wedding. They have a great eye to capture some incredible moments as well as the many wedding details. I am so incredibly happy with the job Shbeeb Weddings has done and would highly recommend them."

Film Collections starting at $5,000.
Photo Collections starting at $3,500.

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